SIGINT - Another Game-Changer for Airborne LINX

Besides a vast array of leading-edge special mission systems, Airborne LINX can now be extended with Signal Intelligence (SIGINT). After an extensive research & development effort, Airborne Technologies has successfully identified, tested, and integrated two leading systems in the field of airborne SIGINT into their Airborne LINX mission management system. Both of the following technologies are used to effectively detect & locate mobile phones for many types of special missions: 

Artemis (Smith Myers) – detection and location of mobile phones of lost persons in various SAR scenarios.

BlackFish (Horizon Technologies) – tracking and tracing of satphones in homeland security and law enforcement operations.

“As a system integration solution provider, we consider it as our task to advise our customers sufficiently about new technical developments and systems”, says Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of Airborne Technologies. “This requires to be very familiar with these technologies on the market and to have tested them on board of our demonstrator aircraft. Just talking about is not enough.”

Both systems can be retrofitted as a stand-alone-solution or smoothly integrated in the Airborne LINX mission system. Without a doubt, Airborne LINX now has both “Eyes” & “Ears” to support a vast spectrum of special mission operations.