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Hands-on Mentality

We are a "roll up your sleeves and get things done" company. Our Team prefers to act rather than dwell on issues. In our day-to-day work, we actively check whether a task arises and then complete it quickly without hesitation – even if the matter does not necessarily correspond to an individual's job description. It is precisely this practice-oriented work that many of our clients greatly appreciate. Our Team, with a hands-on mentality, goes about their job independently and reliably and, at times, "beyond" to get the job done.

Marcus Gurtner (CSO), Wolfgang Grumeth (CEO), Kristof Nagl (CFO)
Marcus Gurtner (CSO), Wolfgang Grumeth (CEO), Kristof Nagl (CFO)

With passion and love for aviation, our founders bring together a leading-edge team of dedicated individuals.