EASA Part 21 J approved Design Organisation

Approval No: EASA.21J.630

Design and certification of modification to helicopters and fixed wing aircraft (STC´s and Minor Changes) in the certification specifications (CS-VLA, CS-22, CS-23, CS-VLR, CS-27 and CS-29, scope extension to CS-25 ongoing)

Our privileges:

  • Approval of Minor Changes
  • Approval of Certain Major STC
  • Approval of Flight Conditions and Permit to Fly

Ranging from changes to:
Avionics, installation of mission equipment, structure, performance,  electric and electronic systems,  cabin interiors, flight testing

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EASA Part 21 G approved Production Organisation

Approval No: AT.21G.0021

Production of products, parts and assemblies (EASA Form 1, CofC)

Scope of Work:
Manufacture and assembly of wiring harnesses, electrical and electronic equipment, structural and non-structural parts and appliances from carbon fibre-reinforced plastic, metal and other materials for CS-VLA, CS-22, CS-23, CS-VLR, CS-27 and CS-29, scope extension to CS-25 ongoing, based on approved and non-approved design data

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EASA Part 145 approved Maintenance Organisation

Approval No: AT.145.092

Scope of Work:
Maintainance, repair, modify and upgrade components already in service