Airborne Technologies Company Introduction

We turn any client provided or fabric new airframe into a surveillance platform. Learn more about our capabilities...

Airborne LINX Surveillance Upgrade for the Repuplic of Slovenia Ministry of Interior

We have handed over a mission ready EC135 to the Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Interior.

Missionized Vulcanair P68 Observer with Lifting Unit

The sensor remains in stowed position within the aircraft for take-off and landing by a specially designed Airborne Technologies lifting unit which can easily be lowered by hand for the mission. The Sensor Operator monitor is adjustable, so it can be moved to an ergonomic working position for the mission and stowed during take-off and landing.

Mission Management Unit

Learn more about the core element of our Mission Management System Airborne LINX.

It is the intuitive user interface which allows the operator to control the full surveillance architecture on a simple-to-use touchscreen.

System Integration of two SIGINT Systems - Artemis and BlackFish

Two different SIGINT phone locating systems in action:
* Artemis by Smith Myers for Locating Mobile Phones
* BlackFish by Horizon Technologies for Locating Satphones

Airborne Technologies - Highlights

Get an insight about our capabilities and our projects

Surveillance upgrade of an H135 Helicopter for police missions

We transformed an average airframe into a leading-edge police helicopter for their Spanish customer Eliance. The newly upgraded aircraft is equipped with the proven Airborne LINX Mission System and will be on duty for the Catalonian Police.

Twin Otter with MX-15 on our EO/IR SCAR-Pod

The aircraft is equipped for Maritime Patrol Missions. The underwing mounted SCAR-Pod carries a Wescam MX-15.

Radar SCAR-Pod - The new member of the SCAR-Pod familiy

The full-capability RADAR-POD  complements the line of EO/IR pods.

The SCAR-Pod floats to success!

Learn more about the perfect Maritime Patrol Aircraft: the Twin Otter missionized with Airborne LINX

AS350 for Powerline Inspection - A flying Laboratory

The complete solution is covered under a single EASA STC for the Ecureuil AS350B2 and AS350B3 with 8 different sensors, installed on 3 external support structures and can be controlled by one single operator

Vulcanair P68 Observer for Multi Sensor Applications

The surveying platform is equipped with a modern workstation and 3 sensors:
• A Riegl VQ 780i Laserscanner in the rear hatch,
• An Ultracam Eagle Mark 3 Large Format Camera in the main hatch and a
• Hasselblad A6D RE Middle format camera in the middle hatch.

EO/IR SCAR-Pod in operation

Hensoldt Argos II HD on Airborne Technoloies´ SCAR-Pod on a Twin Otter Guardian 400

Airborne LINX for UK-Police NPAS

Vulcanair P68 missionized with Airborne LINX - the innovative system integration solution of Airborne Technologies.

Airborne Technologies on "lost&found" mission

We have integrated Smith & Myers Artemis phone location system, SHOTOVER Systems Gear, augmented reality mission software, L3Harris WESCAM MX10 EO/IR camera, and ECS, Evenlode I air to ground video link into the Vulcanair P68 demonstrator aircraft.