The Growth Continues - Airborne Technologies goes „North“

We are happy to announce that Airborne Technologies (ABT) has signed a MoU with Norwegian Aviation and Defence Group (NADG).

NADG and ABT will cooperate in the development and integration of reconnaissance systems, aircraft modifications and certifications onto rotary-wing, fixed-wing and unmanned aircraft in Norway and its neighbouring countries.

Norwegian Aviation and Defence Group (NADG) was established in 2017 and is an independently owned Norwegian company.

“We are providing aviation products to Norway and Iceland serving offshore, utility and special mission operations as well as overhauls and associated services such as training and others. For this purpose NADG is going to use its unique knowledge and experience to build a state of the art European Simulation & Training Academy (ESTA) at our homebase close to Stavanger Airport, Sola.”, says Ole Petter Bakken, NADG’s CEO.

“I first met Ole Petter in Paris during Paris Airshow and after another meeting in Sola it was clear to  start a close cooperation. The spirit of the team, the whole infrastructure in Sola and also the ideas and mindset of NADG is a perfect fit to ABT. We are really looking forward to working with NADG in future.”, explains Manuel Hellerschmid ABT’s decision.


 F.l.t.r: George DeCock (ABT SCAR POD-Specialist), Manuel Hellerschmid (ABT International Sales Manager) and Ole Petter Bakken (CEO NADG) – first meeting during Paris Air Show 2023