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SCAR-Pod Family

The light weight carbon fibre pods carry a complete surveillance sensor suite which upgrades any aircraft with hardpoints hassle-free into an ISR platform without any aircraft modifications.

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Workstation, /en/mission-solutions/#workstation
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Ergonomic and Efficient – Our Optimized Workplace in the Sky – Tailormade for your platform and your mission requirements. 

This is where it all comes together.

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Mission Management Unit, /en/mission-solutions/#mission-management-unit
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Mission Management Unit

The intuitive user LINX Software interface allows the operator to control the full surveillance architecture on a simple-to-use touchscreen.

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Camera Lifts, /en/mission-solutions/#camera-lifts
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Camera Lift Solutions

Airborne Technologies develops specialized system lifting devices that accommodate gimbals up to 26” in diameter and are mounted internally and externally.

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Brackets, /en/mission-solutions/#brackets
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Our carbon-fiber sensor brackets & mounts revolutionize the way sensors and special mission systems are attached to any aircraft. Mounting your sensor with our brackets reduces weight and increases aircraft endurance. Plus, our brackets are vibration damping and maintenance free.

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Radomes, /en/mission-solutions/#radomes
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We are experts in high-performance, low-signal-loss aircraft radomes. We design, certify, and manufacture radomes using world-class knowledge of leading-edge materials for lower cost, reduced weight, superior aerodynamics, and optimized performance.

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