With our Mission System Airborne LINX, we connect all sensors and communication systems on board any aircraft for maximum mission control.

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Connect & Control


A special mission aircraft is not unique because of one system or component, but more importantly, how all the systems and components correctly integrate and interconnect to perform as a single unit.

Airborne LINX is the over-arching system that unites each complex piece of equipment on board an aircraft into an easy-to-operate workplace in the sky. 

An in-house designed software package is the heart of the system and controls all mission relevant sensors and components.

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If you need a fully integrated hard-wire fix,  Airborne LINX can be fully integrated with the airframe, making your mission aircraft a 24/7 focus system. Our innovative components that make your aircraft mission-ready are:

  • Internal & External Lifting Devices
  • Carbon Fibre Brackets 
  • Customized Sensor Hatches  
  • Specialized Carbon Fiber Domes   

Mission Systems

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If you need a flexible solution that provides your mission with multiple options, Airborne LINX also provides mission systems that can easily attach on & off your aircraft anytime. Our carbon fibre SCAR-Pods house the sensor equipment and can be mounted within a short time.

SCAR-Pod Family

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The Human Machine Interface is the Mission Management Unit (MMU), allowing the operator to control the entire LINX architecture on a simple-to-use touchscreen. Embedded either in an ergonomic workstation or on a tablet, the MMU leads the field in simplifying the management of any combination of sensors.

Mission Management Unit

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