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The perfect interaction between people and technology leads the field to simplify the mission jobs of the operator and allows the crew to concentrate on critical tasks.

The interface is customizable and can be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. Some of the functions are:

  • Control of Videos
  • Control of Recorders
  • Remote Control of Downlink LoS/BloS
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Integration of Display Bezel Buttons to the MMU
  • and more



"The tasks that used to be performed by two operators are now accomplished by only one person. The use of the Mission Management Unit has significantly reduced the workload of the crew."

David Clarke, former Tactical Operator at UK Police NPAS and Head of Manchester Airborne Police Unit

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Key features

  • The MMU is not an off-the shelf product but a flexible individual solution. The Mission Management software can be embedded into an Airborne LINX workstation or run on a laptop or tablet
  • 3G to 5G mobile networks enabling position data transmission and internet/tactical network access
  • LoS and BLoS data downlink and uplink enabling remote control of mission equipment (no operator in the aircraft)
  • Ethernet link to other components (e.g., video recorder and mission laptops)
  • Tablets, Smart Phones, or other staff devices to be connected with the mission systems via WIFI
  • Remote maintenance of all system components which are connected to the Ethernet network (e.g., EO/IR Sensor, Downlink, MMU, Recorder, Moving Map Computer)

MMU - Homescreen


MMU - Quick Reference Guide

EC135 – Eliance for Catalonian Police EC135 – Eliance for Catalonian Police

Upgrade of an EC135 including design, production, installation, testing, EASA certification and training. 

AW109 - REGA Switzerland AW109 - REGA Switzerland

The Swiss SAR Service REGA added with an external camera lift and a workstation surveillance capability to their fleet.

Piper Navajo PA31 – Metasensing Piper Navajo PA31 – Metasensing

Installation of an operator console and a giant carbon fibre belly pod housing a radar antenna array.