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From airframe to surveillance platform

We offer fast & flexible integrated mission solutions for fixed-wing, rotary-wing aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles to help our clients achieve their various important & special missions be it Search & Rescue, Aerial Surveying, Airborne Law Enforcement, Maritime Patrol or even Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance operations.

Whatever technical sensor, communication system or special aircraft configuration you need for your mission – We make it airborne!

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“We turn general aviation aircraft into special mission platforms.”

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We are your One-Stop-Shop for Integration & Modification Excellence

We design, integrate and certify state-of-the-art special mission equipment and systems into new & existing airframes. 

We meticulously manage every step of the integration and modification process from design, engineering, production, installation, testing to EASA certification.  

Airborne LINX

Mission Solutions

23 February 2023

Mission Complete! Another Airborne LINX System Supporting Police Aviation

Once You Go Airborne LINX, You Never Change! - This is also true with the Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Interior. Airborne Technologies (ABT) was awarded a second contract to …

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