Additionally this solution provides further protection for high-value sensor systems from external elements such as the weather when transiting to and from the operational area.

The retractable sensor lift allows the installation of any available turret camera up to a weight of 60kg (132 lbs) and a dimension of 15 inch. Certification covers both the BMS ‘in line-of-sight' and/or SCOTTY ‘beyond line-of-sight' downlink systems for video and data communication.

"We are committed to developing and certifying proactive solutions to better integrate sophisticated and scalable surveillance systems into a wide range of aerial platforms as possible. Our R&D team is extending recognition in the airborne surveillance industry for its leadership in this very specialized field" said Airborne Technologies CEO Wolfgang Grumeth.

P68 Surveillance Kit"Teaming with Airborne Technologies as our system integration partner enables us to offer complete turnkey solutions. We are supplying our mission proven P68 aircraft platform and Airborne Technologies are providing certified systems integration. Both our clients and the Vulcanair team are delighted that all our specific mission needs - ranging from crew training to access to specific surveillance systems - are met with our partners at Airborne Technologies" said VulcanAir CEO, Remo De Feo .

Airborne Technologies success in providing flexible surveillance cabin configurations allows the realization of almost any individual need and requirement to deliver both, customized and scalable system solutions.