Russias Chel Avia receives first production TECNAM MMA


Chel Avia operates the MMA in a wide range of missions including support for urban police/homeland security and border patrol operations. Additionally they also deploy their first MMA for non surveillance missions such as geodetic measurement activities. A significant advantage of the MMA over competitors is that all sensor equipment is located within the internal of the aircraft by using the retractable sensor suite developed and certified by Airborne Technologies.

In Friedrichshafen Chel Avia's MMA is equipped with a FLIR/POLYTECH Ultrafore 350 surveillance gimbal camera operated via a sensor operator working environment including three monitor screens (RGB video, infra-red video, moving map) and four control panels (serving the camera, data recorder, downlink system and moving map). For transmitting video, audio and data from the aircraft to a ground station a microwave digital BMS line-of-sight system is integrated. The exact position of the aircraft and the geo-referenced camera footprint is displayed on a moving map system from EUROAVIONICS.

"We are delighted to be the first Russian operator of a TECNAM MMA", said Chel Avia CEO Oleg Vasiliev. "The potential for this most economic aerial sensor platform in Russia is immense and we expect to generate further considerable interest when we exhibit and perform operations with our first MMA at MAKS, Russia's premier Aerospace Expo in August."

"We are honoured that Chel Avia selected the MMA as their aerial surveillance platform of choice and that they also took advantage of our strength implementing turnkey solutions. We at Airborne Technologies can be regarded as a one-stop-shop for aircraft, mission equipment integration and training packages", said Airborne Technologies CEO Wolfgang Grumeth. "We wish Oleg and his team at Chel Avia every success and look forward to extending his fleet of TECNAM MMA's in the near future."