Specifically developed to patrol those maritime zones currently kept under surveillance by coastguards utilising medium-size helicopters and large maritime patrol aircraft, the Tecnam MRI affords significant opportunities for clients seeking more efficient and effective maritime security and costal patrol missions.

TECNAM MRIEquipped with a state of the art maritime surveillance system (radar, AIS vessel ID system and a cutting-edge electroptical device), the Tecnam MRI will be able to effectively patrol an area from 50 to 200 nautical miles offshore. With medium size helicopters limited to a productive mission profile of only 100 miles, before the advent of the Tecnam MRI, operators have been limited to using much larger and costlier maritime patrol aircraft to monitor activities in the 200 mile zone.

Developed from the Tecnam P2006T aircraft, this light, twin engine platform is easy to pilot and uses traditional fuel which further dramatically reduces operating costs. The Tecnam MRI also requires minimal maintenance and can take-off and land on adverse and makeshift runways, ensuring the operator total flexibility of operation.

Jose Manuel Perez-Pujazon de Arza from Indra says: “The MRI is the perfect “airborne puzzle” to our wide portfolio of public security products….”
“Our cooperation with INDRA has resulted in the development a most efficient and effective new aerial platform for operating sensitive maritime surveillance and costal patrol missions’’ said Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES. “It is vindication that our investment in developing system integrations for small general aviation aircraft can be effectively deployed on public security services type missions. There is no doubt that the synergy achieved by joining both the INDRA and AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES R&D teams has enabled us to create a superior product. It will be the ‘smartest’ maritime patrol aircraft in the air!…”

The first public debut of the Tecnam MRI (Multisensor Reconnaissance and Identification) will be in April 2012 at Aero Expo Marrakech.

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About AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES (Design Organisation EASA AP320):

AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES combines and optimizes aviation, data acquisition and processing know-how. They own and operate a fleet of multi-mission aircraft / data processing systems for remote sensing applications. The experience gained from these missions provides them with the knowledge for consultancy and the delivery of comprehensive aircraft and sensor solutions. AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES works manufacturer independent but has preferred aircraft and sensor manufacturers for their application driven and tailor made products and turnkey-solutions.