Tecnam MMA successfully passed UK police trial


David Clarke, Unit Executive Officer (Fixed Wing) GMP said:
“We are approaching the end of the N.P.A.S. trial of the Tecnam MMA, prepared by Airborne Technologies and as an operator I am delighted with its performance. The aircraft has been reliable and comfortable for our crews. By combining the Wescam MX10 with the Churchill Navigation System, Airborne Technologies has enabled a single observer to provide an excellent level of service to ground patrols, when operating at any height between 600ft and 6000ft.
A number of people, who were skeptical at the start of the trial, have been completely convinced that the aircraft can in fact deliver results comparable with much more expensive assets. Thank you for the efforts you and your team have put into making this trial successful”.

Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO Airborne Technologies said:
“The fact that UK is testing our product and is convinced of its capabilities at the end of the trial is for us the perfect proof that our vision to “deploy small general aviation aircraft to public security” is getting more and more confirmed by the market. We are facing a constant stream of inquiries from all over the world. I am convinced that the successful UK trial will encourage the whole surveillance community to consider our cost effective solutions.”

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