Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of ABT says, “This achievement is perhaps the most important since deploying the Tecnam MMA in special sensor operations, because we are demonstrating the aircraft’s capabilities in both payload and cabin configuration. It easily enables this kind of sensor operation, which hitherto, was the exclusive domain of much larger aircraft. This package cannot be beaten in terms of efficiency, while providing plenty of space for a two person crew it also offers a broad range in operating speeds of between 65 and 140 KIAS. The TECNAM MMA, in conjunction with the Ultracam LP, brings a totally new perspective into the photogrammetric community. Our service to Geodetica also includes an intensive crew training course, where our highly experienced sensor and flight operations experts will guide our new partner in making sure that their investment grows into a success story.” 


Dr. Marek Kožarík, Chief Development Officer of Geodeticca says, “Tecnam MMA is unique aircraft offering safety and performance of twin engine with great cost/performance ratio. And moreover- it’s beautiful. ABT made a great job customizing aircraft for photogrammetric needs. Everything is in its place so pilot and operator can focus on their work. We are excited to be world’s first company operating Tecnam MMA for large format Photogrammetry and can’t wait to start working with it.”

About AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES: AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIESis a well established company for Airborne Surveillance, Remote Sensing & System Integration. Although we remain manufacturer independent, we do have preferred aircraft and sensoring equipment when delivering our most reliable and tailor made turnkey solutions.
The TECNAM MMA - an efficient multi-fuel twin engine aircraft is developed certified and marketed by Airborne Technologies and provides a completely new perspective for Airborne Special Services (Law Enforcement, Peacekeeping & Environmental Monitoring).

About GEODETICCA: GEODETICCA  is a state of art geodetic company based in Košice, Slovakia. GEODETICCA  provides a full range of professional services and products in the following fields: Photogrammetry, 3D Laser Scanning, 3D GIS, 3D Graphics, Engineering and Industrial Surveying and Cadastre of Real Estates. For more information, go to www.geodeticca.sk or contact Ing. Marek Kožarík, PhD.  by email kozarik@geodeticca.sk.

See the TECNAM MMA photogrammetric suite at work