A Christmas present for German Police, Brandenburg

A Christmas present for German Police, Brandenburg:

EC135 German PoliceEC135 German PoliceOn Dec 19th 2012 AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES gives back 2 completely new equipped EC135 Helicopter to Brandenburg Commander, Director Burghard Neumann.

Late in July AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES has been awarded with the tender to give 2 EC135  complete new surveillance equipment containing highest standard L3 Wescam MX15HDi, CHURCHILL Augmented Reality Navigation System ARS-500, together with existing downlink and tactical radio equipment all arranged in an ergonomic work environment.

All components of the interior are made out of carbon fiber, even the bracket carrying the MX15HDi represents this technology.


3-crew-operation3-crew-operationAIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES´s CEO Wolfgang Grumeth:  “This technology enables us to design light and user-friendly. Our workstation offers two and three man operation. At the carbon camera bracket we gain additionally advantages in the vibration characteristics. This is good for the Gimbal in the long run”.

Director Neumann: “The whole staff is delighted by the performance and possibilities of the new set up. The people from AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES listened to us and flexibly brought their solutions customized to our daily needs. We are very satisfied, most probably we have now the most modern Police Helicopter in Germany.”

Hans-Dieter Brachmann, German Police Brandenburg: “We feared not to complete the revitalization program within this year’s budget, because the tender has been issued late in July. But the AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES team convinced with a clear and tight working plan and the value for money is great.”

references EC135 3 Carrying a MX15 on a carbon bracket
EC135 German Police Carbon bracket,
5 kg weight saving and gimbal friendly due to vibration dampening characteristics
EC135 German Police 2 or 3-man-crew
references EC135 5 Operator's screen in "2-crew configuration"
EC135 German Police Mission management console, twistable for adopting 2 or 3-crew-configuration