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Airborne Technologies (ABT) has handed over a real multi-talent to the Slovakian power engineering company VUJE. The AS350, studded with sensors, is the epitome of a multi-sensor application. The “flying laboratory” comprises 8 different sensors that can be controlled by only one operator via a leading-ledge operator workstation.
The ABT engineering team has installed the individual sensors of the comprehensive sensor suite on 3 external mounts. The required extensive flight-testing was conducted by Airborne´s in-house flight-test department.

 The Sensor Suite includes:

 • TRAKKA SWE-400 QUAD Camera,
used for the inspection of the high voltage power lines, consisting of a:
- HD TV camera
- HR Thermal Imager for remote temperature sensing
- Ultraviolet detection camera for making corona discharges visible and a
- Stills camera

used for powerline, rail tracking and pipeline inspection integrated in VP1-Pod, consisting of a
- Laser scanner (survey-grade accuracy, multiple target capability, detection of sagging cables)
- 4 cameras, RGB, NIR (multi-camera multi-spectral photogrammetry, vegetation and terrain analysis)
- High quality GNSS/IMU Applanix Solution

• HYSPEX Hyperspectral Camera
scientific-grade imager, used for the classification and evaluation not only for vegetation, consisting of a
- VNIR-1800
- SWIR-384 
- High quality GNSS/IMU Applanix Solution

Alexander Kšiňan, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of VUJE, said: “The sensor architecture implemented by Airborne Technologies reduces the workload of the crew by enabling a safe operation of 8 sensors simultaneously. The deployment of a single engine helicopter with a 2-men-crew sets new standards in economic efficiency.
We are very happy with the quality of design and workmanship. The EASA certification could be achieved reliably just in time before our take off for the first job. Thank you Airborne Team! “

Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of Airborne Technologies, was also pleased about the very good cooperation with ABT regional business partner Expert_for_3D_Landscape, spol. s r.o., which significantly participated in the success of this special integration with his wide technical competences as local distributor of Riegl, HySpex and Applanix measuring systems.

Marko Paško, CEO of Expert_for_3D_Landscape, spol. s r.o., mentioned: “VUJE a.s. is a very experienced professional customer, which is targeted to high-specialized services. It was my pleasure to assist them. For this important project we needed to assure safe integration and certification background. We found this at Airborne Technologies, which was all time able to solve most challenging design and technical tasks to final satisfaction.”


TH8 0532 KLEIN BUNT multisensorintegrations
"Flying Laboratory" with 8 different sensors on 3 external mounts. Observation Suite
sensor positions IMG 6092

3 sensor positions


Operator Workstation


1 OOG 9331 1024x683  IMG 6034
Video Startbild AS350  

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