Nine months...

Nine months have passed since the ground breaking ceremony for the new facilities of Airborne Technologies. In the meantime the new hangar has been finished and the new offices and workshops are in full operation.

The official opening was celebrated with an event for partners and customers of the ISR community. Under the name of UNEX (United Airborne ISR Experiences) a lively exchange of information took place in the Airborne hangar. Included in the program were presentations by various expert speakers, workshops, training and an exhibition of the well-known industrial players.

Due to a very healthy order book the expansion was urgently required. Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of Airborne Technologies said: “We have tripled the size of our company and made it possible to effectively and efficiently handle all our future projects. In the past, mischievous gossip may have tried to point out the limited capacity at Airborne Technologies. This argument does not hold any longer. Since our foundation in 2008 we are constantly growing. The modern building provides perfect working conditions for our team and constitutes an essential basis for further growth.”


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