Airborne Technologies leaves its footprint in Switzerland

Airborne Technologies has been awarded by the Swiss Air-Rescue Organisation Rega for the integration of a camera system and an operator workstation into an AW109.
In order to guarantee best field of view, Airborne Technologies developed an external lift mounted on LH-Side of the helicopter. The camera lift, as well as the camera pod, is made of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic). A camera system up to 60 kg can be installed in the pod.
The lift is extended and retracted using a spindle, which is driven via a gear box by a small electric motor. In the case of failure, a self-sufficient emergency retraction system, powered by an independent battery pack, guarantees a safe landing position. The lifting mechanism and the gimbal mount are covered by an aerodynamic fairing.
The Tactical Workstation includes the new Churchill ARS Mission Computer, which is RTCA DO160 tested and easily mounted by standard DZUS fasteners.
Heinz Leibundgut, postholder Flight-Ops Helicopter and member of Rega’s extended management board, says: “Airborne Technologies has developed an innovative solution, enabling new possibilities for the crew. Thanks to the new technic an enormous enlargement of the field of view became possible and enables even more precise SAR missions.”


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