Surveillance under cover

ABT has recently launched its new camera lift for 20” gimbals.
The lift is suitable for any airborne fixed wing platform. It is made of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and is extremely light weight. In combination with its compact design the camera lift is ideal for small cabin sizes and allows smaller and cost-efficient aircraft to fulfill surveillance tasks so far reserved for much bigger and much more expensive aircraft. The gimbal is completely retractable. Due to its discreet ramp appearance this solution is on the one hand perfect suited for covert surveillance operations and on the other hand it is totally resistant to hard weather conditions.
The camera lift is equipped with a self-sufficient emergency retraction system, powered by an independent battery pack. A visual indication shows the crew whether the gimbal is sufficiently retracted to ensure a safe landing.


MX20 Lift 2  MX20 Lift 3  MX20 Lift 1