I'm not a model but a workhorse

I’m characterised by a rugged design in combination with long-range endurance, this makes me reliable and robust during challenging times. Loaded with Airborne LINX I can impress with my inner qualities. Communication is one of my strengths, whether internally or with others. I come along with a steeled body, so I am used to carrying heavy loads without effort. I am able to work under pressure and I stand my ground when others fly at me. All in all I am the perfect workhorse anywhere and in any situation.

Curtain up for the “Thrush 510G.”
Airborne Technologies welcomes a new member to its platform portfolio. Originally used for agricultural purposes, it offers the perfect conditions to implement the Airborne LINX package that is carried by the S.C.A.R – Pod on a retractable swinging arm. Together with a flight stability kit, a full cockpit, tank armourisation and its ruggedised design, the Thrush 510G is a perfect ISR plattform in support of rough land or maritime operations.
Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of Airborne Technologies, says: “Due to its incredibly robust, durable and reliable design features the Thrush aircraft is ready to use when others reach their limit.”


Thrush  Thrush extended SCAR POD  Thrush Cockpit