It's not always the size that matters

Airborne Technologies has recently delivered a Vulcanair A-Viator especially equipped for flight inspection operations and Airport Navaid Calibration.
With the A-Viator, the German customer SVEGE, has received a turbo prop aircraft with half of the take-off weight of aircraft normally fulfilling such tasks. This brings great cost benefits during operation, while delivering the same performance.

The Airborne Technologies┬┤ Supplemental Type-Certificate (STC) covers the installation of an ergonomic operator workstation, necessary antennas and VHF markers and the integration of the flight inspection rack, as well as the required flight tests.
Mr. Georg Butzlau, CEO of SVEGE Flugdienstleistungen Gmbh, says: Airborne Technologies has put together an attractive and tailored complete package emphasising that the size of the aircraft is not necessarily a criterion. The non-pressurised turbo prop has just the right size to perform its work.

Flight inspection rack  Navaid Antenna  Operator Workstation   MG 8173

            Flight inspection rack                                 Navaid Antenna                                      Operator Workstation                                Vulcanair A-Viator