Airborne Technologies - Part of the Adriatic Strike NATO exercise


Airborne Technologies will actively take part in the international NATO exercise in June 2015, with the duty to deliver live ISR information to the ground centre via the S.C.A.R. Pod mounted on a Pilatus PC9 of the host country. The Adriatic Strike is one of the most important Close Air Support (CAS) exercises in the region and takes place yet again in the Republic of Slovenia.The exercise will include some 400 participants, 200 of them from foreign armed forces. The training will be supported by more than 20 aircraft. Mounted on a Pilatus PC9 of the host country, the S.C.A.R.-Pod will be a key part of the exercise. Equipped with an L3 Wescam MX10 and a ROVER 6 downlink, the ground command centre as well as mobile forces will be provided with live ISR data. Therewith the S.C.A.R.Pod enhances the performance portfolio of a military trainer, originally not designed to fulfill surveillance missions.

Marcus Gurtner, CSO of Airborne Technologies, said, “We are extremely proud to be one of only two industrial partners supporting the exercise. We believe that the invitation to participate is a proof of the high market acceptance that our S.C.A.R.-Pod has reached within one year after its launch. As part of the Adriatic Strike we have the possibility to present the S.C.A.R.-Pod in operation to a broad expert audience and to demonstrate its ad-hoc surveillance capability.”

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