TECNAM MMA on duty in Russia

Airborne Technologies is proud to announce that a further TECNAM MMA has started operation in Russia. 
The aircraft handed over to the team of SIGMAMETRIX LLC is equipped with a Large Format Camera (Z/I DMC IIe 250), a Leica Oblique Camera (RC30) and an AHAB Chiroptera Double Laser Scanner. With the possibility to fly combined oblique and double laser missions the TECNAM MMA shows once again its attractiveness as a cost-efficient multi-sensor platform.

Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of Airborne Technologies, said, “Our service ranges from System Integration of customer-owned sensors up to Turnkey Solutions including the provision of aircraft and sensors. In this case, the challenge was to create the optimal environment for the equipment provided by the customer and establishing the optimal platform. The cross-business cooperation between Airborne Technologies, Z/I Imaging, Leica and AHAB helped us to tie it all together into a convincing overall package.”

This cooperation was one of the reasons why the project could have been completed in the record time of 4 month from order placement to flight permission. The crew of SIGMAMETRIX is now ready to accomplish their missions.

Media News SigmametrixThe cross-business team: SIGMAMETRIX LLC, Airborne Technologies, Z/I Imaging, Leica, AHAB at the handover of the TECNAM MMA