aircraft in survey modeAircraft in survey modeThe TECNAM MMA was the last fleet member becoming fit for this geophysical exploration technology. 
A row of test flights was necessary to modify the TECNAM MMA for aeromagnetic sensing.
Another series of test flights had to be flown to proof the concept also for the other geophysical exploration disciplines as “Gravimetry, Gamma-ray Spectroscopy and Electromagnetic surveys”.

Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO said: “Our team already learned a lot by fitting out the other planes of our fleet. The combination of this expertise and the achieved experience of the completed exploration jobs - since we have entered this geophysical discipline 2 years ago - pushed us to excellence. Understanding the physics together with the soft skills we achieved a competitive noise level for the exploration of shallow surface anomalies as well as deep geological structures!


Figure of Merit FlightFigure of Merit Flight  detailed view on wing tip stingerdetailed view on wing tip stinger

Congratulations to the whole team! And a big welcome in the exploration community to our TECNAM MMA!

About Aeromagnetic

Airborne Magnetometry (Aeromagnetic) is widely used in hydrocarbon and mineral exploration. Measuring anomalies in the earth magnetic field allows us conclusions about subsurface structures and possible reservoir deposits. Because of the high productivity of airborne surveys aeromagnetic is a competitive tool for exploration industry.

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