Vulcanair P68R - Demonstrator


P68 cockpit.jpg



  • Full Glass Cockpit (Sagem)
  • GNS530W Avionics System
  • GNS430W
  • TAS 600 Traffic
  • Mode S Transponder
  • GTX330
  • Garmin GMA 347 (will be substituted by PAC24 Mission Audio Panel)
  • Sagem PFD
  • Sagem MFD/EMS
  • PFD 35 ADC
  • KN63 DME
  • S-TEC 55x
  • AXI-200 AHRS


  • Long range configuration
  • Single VAC System
  • Surface De-Ice Boots on wings, vertical and horizontal stabilizer
  • Heated props & Ice-lite/heated pitot
  • ME406 ELT
  • 2nd ASI
  • 2nd ALT
Vulcanair P68R on surveillance mission.jpg

Special Mission Features

  • Rear Hatch (suitable and EASA certified for a Wescam MX-10)
  • Mission Power Bus 50 Amps @ 28VDC
  • Provision for installation of mission equipment and tactical workstation

 Tactical workstation: 

  • Single 17” Full HD Multitouch Screen
  • Video / Voice / Data Recorder
  • Integrated ABT Mission Management Unit
  • Keyboard
  • Provision for tactical radio
  • Push-to-talk pedal button
  • Bracket for gimbal handcontrol unit
  • Provision for Moving Map/Augmented Reality System & LOS Downlink Transceiver (equipment is not included and can be quoted separately)


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