Mission Equipment

We operate manufacturer independent, but established partnerships with reliable sensor and aircraft manufacturers.



ABT ISR Mission-Equipment GimbalABT ISR Mission-Equipment-Gimbal rechts

Video Stabilizing Unit


ABT ISR Mission-Equipment Radar4 ABT ISR Mission-Equipment Radar3

Moving Map

ISR Mission-Equipment moving-map


ISR MissionEquipment SIGINT LinksISR Mission-Equipment SIGINT-rechts


mission equipment AIS linksmission equipment ais rechts


ABT ISR MissionEquipment MMU links

Data Transfer (Down & Uplink) 

ABT-ISR Grafik FINAL 01 HP Mission Equipment


Operator Workstation

ABT ISR MissionEquipment OperatorWorkstation linksABT ISR MissionEquipment operatorworkstation rechts

Camera Lift

mission equipment cameralift linksmission equipment cameralift rechts

pdfISR Sensor Lift.pdf 

Camera Bracket   

mission equipment camerabracket linksmission equipment camerabracket rechts

pdfEO/IR Bracket.pdf   

Searchlight Bracket

ABT ISR MIssionEquipment Searchlightbracket links

pdfSensor Support Rotary Wing.pdf