Certified Creativity
We are keen to serve our customers with the full spectrum of DOA and POA capabilities. According to the motto “Certified Creativity” our mission is to provide innovative and state-of-the art solutions which fit within the EASA framework.

EASA Part 21 J Design Organisation Approval
Since December 2017, Airborne Technologies is certified by the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) as an EASA Part 21, Section A, Subpart J, Design Organisation. 


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This important and internationally recognized certificate, authorizes us to develop STC´s for the following aircraft:

• CS 23: Normal, utility, aerobatic and commuter fixed-wing aeroplanes 
• CS 27 and 29: Small and large helicopters


Our technical fields of expertise:

• Avionics
• Installation of mission equipment
• Structure
• Performance
• Electric and electronic systems
• Cabin interiors
• Flight Testing




Our DOA Team:

Burkhard Jäger: Head of Design Organisation
Rostislav Pelc: Chief of the Office of Airworthiness
Christof Hofer: Assistant Quality Manager
Benedikt Stangl: CVE Electric/Electronic
Stefan Kriz: CVE Structure
Shawn Matthews: CVE, Fixed Wing Test Pilot
Wolfgang Grumeth: CEO and HISO

DOA Approval Team

For additional CVE activities the team is supported by: 
Chris Taylor (Rotary Wing Test Pilot), Joachim Schanz (Structure), Markus Brunner (Avionics), Thomas Fuchs (Systems) and Rupert Tröndle (Systems, Flight)



EASA Part 21 G Production Organisation Approval
Since 2019, Airborne Technologies is certified as an EASA Part 21, Subpart G Production Organisation



This approval authorizes us to issue official release certificates (EASA Form 1) for products, parts or appliances without further evidence.

Scope of Work:
Manufacture and assembly of wiring harnesses, electrical and electronic equipment, structural and non-structural parts and appliances from fibre-reinforced plastic, metal and other materials for CS-VLA, CS-22, CS-23, CS-VLR, CS-27 and CS-29 based on approved and non-approved design data.


Our POA Team:

Burkhard Jäger: Accountable Manager
Wolfgang Grumeth: Quality Manager
Christof Hofer: Assistant Quality Manager
Martin Weghofer: Production Manager