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SPECIM - Hyperspectral sensor

Eagle II

AisaEAGLE II is a complete airborne hyperspectral system for collection of VNIR image data with 1024 swath pixels, consistion of the following components:

  • 06SHE00050 AisaEAGLE II sensor
  • 06FOB10050 Fore objective VNIR
  • 06FOB00010 Fore objective VNIR with wide FOV
  • 06FBR00010 FODIS for AisaEAGLE
  • 06POW01030 Power supply and control unit
  • 07DAQ00150 DAQ for AisaEAGLE
  • 08SFW11120 AISA Preprocessing tool
  • 06CBL00321 Cable set
  • 06PCK00010 Transport case set

For further information please contact Mario Rathmanner.